Sam Conner has been tremendous in assisting my sons Thomas and Jeff McVaney with improving their speed. However, more than that Sam has influenced both boys with his passion and character. He has improved and changed their way of life, taking better care of themselves, eating correctly, staying hydrated, stretching and maintaining a positive attitude in their training. Sam’s techniques and his ability to lead and motivate young men is second to none. His unique plan of hard work, stretching and flexibility drills and technique paid very quick dividends for both boys. They can not wait to pick back up with Sam after their current season..


Reference Letter:

February 25, 2007

If you want to improve your childs speed and flexibiliy, I would whole heartedly recommend Sam Conner as the person to make that happen. My son Patrick was a 4.75 in the 40 yard dash and Sam turned him into a 4.59 40 yard dash. The difference was numerous D-1 football scholarships. With Sam’s running exprerience, he quickly identified what Patrick needed to do to run faster-whether it was that Patrick was: too stiff at the hips, or running at the wrong angle, not enough upper body, head moving too much, too slow at the start etc…Equally important, Sam has the ability to communicate how to correct the situation in a positive manner and the end result was a faster more confident football player.

We we’re referred to Sam Conner in the June of 2006, which was the summer before my son’s senior year. We didn’t really know what to expect except for the fact that we knew he would be working hard. When we arrived Patrick recognized several well known ‘fast’ athletes from the district. Sam really made my son feel comfortable when we arrived. We went twice a week, and we saw almost an immediate improvement in his form and then, his times. Sam really stressed flexibility and stretching so that really played a role not only in the improvement of my son’s speed, but it also helped prevent injuries. Sam taught my son the technique/science of running, and how to really explode out of the start. Sam has a keen eye for what exactly my son needed to change in his start, and his ability to spot the little things really payed off. Sam had dynamic drills that challenge your balance, reaction, foot quickness, and stamina. Sam also instilled a great amount of confidence in my son and his abilities. Sam stated repeatedly that Patrick could and would dominate, and over time my son took the same approach. The skills he taught Patrick really carried over to the football field. Patrick’s open field speed, and his ability to stretch the field was noticably better. As a tight end he had several 40-50 yard receptions that would not have happened without Sam’s program. He ran away from what people thought were fast cornerbacks and safeties…

Having Sam train my son was a great success, it made the difference in him earning a scholarship to SMU.


Pat Fleming
Proud Father

I wanted to touch base with you about Sam Conner. He is the top speed, agility and flexibility trainer in Texas . I cannot say enough about him. He is a master at his trade and have never seen any coach at any level as good with the kids. Anyone that can get kids to actually enjoy a tough workout in the hot sun is a real motivator. He always conveys tremendous spirit and character. I have known Sam for about five years and the same enthusiastic, lets get going and life is great attitude has always shown up at each training session.

Sam taught Roger some stretching and flexibility exercises in the summer after eight grade. He has used these almost on a daily basis through out his high school career. Knock on wood he has never even came close to pulling a muscle while starting in three varsity sports since his sophomore year. He also won the fastest camper award at a Texas A&M camp after his sophomore year.

I sincerely believe that my son would not be where he is, if we had never met Sam Conner.

As you can see I whole heartedly without hesitation recommend Sam for any kid that aspires to get to the elite levels of his or her competitive sports. That can be in Junior High, High School, College and Professional sports.


Roger E. Holland II
Life And Health Of Texas

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